Computer Control - '360° Edition'

Computer Control

Operate office applications

Keyboard with word prediction, different layouts and many languages.

Browse the internet

Integrated scrolling function for easy reading.

Play games

Emulate touch gestures to use touch optimized apps.

Pick tiny elements

Click tiny elements with the automatic magnifier.

True Windows 10 access

Do swipes and multi-touch gestures with your eyes.

Automatic application profiles

The gaze user interface adopts automatically to a custom interaction paradigm.

Communication page

Quickly say something with the built-in communication page.

Safe Mode

Hide the Windows desktop and restrict access to a limited number of apps with the Application Center.

System function control

Turn off the screen, adjust volume, switch and close apps using the Operation Center.

NEW - IntelliGaze v5 with Integrated Communication & Environment Control

IntelliGaze 5 now offers a quickly accessible, freely configurable communication and environmental control extension - ICC.

Learn more about ICC

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