Engage! - IntelliGaze Starter Edition


IntelliGaze Starter Edition is ideal for early users who will be guided through the first steps of gaze interaction.
Its intuitive and simple interface to position and calibrate a user allows teachers to operate several devices in a classroom.

Sample Activities

Look to Learn

Scenes and Sounds

Help Kids Learn

Life Tools


Jackson Pollock


Analysis tools help teachers and therapists to document and understand the gaze behaviour and the capabilities of a user.  The screen recording and video playback function is useful to learn when and where a user looked at during the activity. Heat maps are particular useful in getting a summary of the gaze interaction on a static scene. It helps to understand which region of the scene received the most attention. The Gaze Assistent is able to analyze if a user is able to fixate targets on the screen and if the user is able to follow certain stimuli on the screen.

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