Camera System - CAM30NXT

Cam30NXT Image

alea technologies introduces a new camera system to its outstandingly successful IntelliGaze system.
Cam30NXT and the updated tracking performance take IntelliGaze v.11 to a new level of gaze interaction.

Fastest Tracking

Industry leading tracking speed and instantaneous recovery.

Precise Operation

Cam30NXT and IntelliGaze 11 enable users to achieve the highest accuracy and to control any program successfully.

Large Working Range

Further enhanced track box for easy set up and stable operation.

Further Improved Outdoor Performance

Built on years of experience with Cam30NT, one of the first outdoor compatible eye gaze cameras.

Support for Larger Monitors

Most users can now precisely calibrate on 24" screens or even larger.

All-Glass Optics

Latest mega-pixel sensor technology and precision optics provide best tracking results under varying conditions.

Magnetic or Firm Mounting Options

Magnetic and screw-on mounting solution integrated in the camera design. More versatile use on tablets, monitors or laptops.

Robust Design

Robust design of the camera case, mounts and integrated USB cable connection.

High Power-Efficiency

Runs on commercial, mobile platforms for hours.

Technical Specification - CAM30NXT

Working Principle Binocular, dark-pupil eye- and head-tracking.
Working Distance 50 - 85 cm
[19 - 33.5 in.]
Track-Box 32 x 20 x 35 cm @ 62 cm
[12.6 x 7.9 x 13.8 in. @ 24.5 in.]
Tracking Speed 60 Hz
Recovery Time 16 ms
Gaze Accuracy typ. 0.5° / 1°
(static / full working range)
Monitor Sizes up to 24", 16:9.
Recommended 12"-17".
[Large screens may work with individual users or reduced accuracy]
Power Consumption < 2,5W avg.
Processing Load typ. <5% CPU [Std.PC i5, 8th gen.]

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